Meesho Reselling App: Your Pathway to Financial Independence and Online Success

Earning money from the Meesho Reselling App is very easy. If you are wasting your time by playing short videos and games on mobile throughout the day and you want to earn money, then our entire today’s article can prove to be very beneficial for you. We have earned lakhs of rupees from Meesho Reselling App and you too can easily earn more than 25 thousand per month from this. In today’s entire article, we will know how to earn money from Meesho Reselling App?

What is Meesho Reselling App?

Meesho is an e-commerce website like Amazon and Flipkart, which also has its own app. But Meesho is very different from Amazon and Flipkart. From this, you can earn money in many ways. Meesho was started by two Indians Vidit Atreya and Sanjeev Baranwal. With Meesho Reselling App, you can buy any item and sell it elsewhere with good profit, how is this possible, you will come to know everything further.

meesho reselling app


How to create an account on the Meesho Reselling App?

First of all, you have to read this entire article this time, after that you have to do this process. The interface of the Meesho App is very easy, whether you can create your own account by going to its website or you can download its app from the Play Store. Here we will ask you to download the App because you will be able to make good money by doing work from mobile. In the following way, you can create your account step by step on Meesho Reselling App

  1. Download this app from the play store by visiting this link- click Here.
  2. Choose your language
  3. Choose your Gender.
  4. You will enter Meesho aap.
  5. Click on the account button appearing on the bottom right side.
  6. Now you will have many options.
  7. Click on the signup button shown above.
  8. Choose your mobile number.
  9. OTP will come on your mobile number, wait for a few seconds.
  10. Your mobile number will be verified automatically by OTP.
  11.  Now you can set up your profile by clicking on your mobile number shown above.

meesho reselling app

How to resell a product with the Meesho Reselling App-

If you have reached here while reading the article, then we hope that you have a mobile phone. And you must be following social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Along with this, you can sell Meesho’s products by creating your own website. We will sell Meesho’s products to other people through social media. You have nothing to fear. I will tell you a very easy method by which you will get many orders daily.

How to Earn Money By ChatGpt

How to sell on WhatsApp?

You can directly sell Meesho’s products to others through WhatsApp chat. For this, you will go to the Meesho Reselling App. Select the product you want to sell and click on the share button. After that, you click on Share on WhatsApp. On clicking, all the information about that product will be copied. Select the chat or group to whom it is to be sent and send it, by this all the photos of that product will go with your customer.

Now paste all the copied information about the product in the chat by long-pressing the message box. Along with this, you should keep in mind that the customer likes your product. For this, after taking information from the customer, you can also share the product of his choice. Before telling you the price, you have to keep in mind that you tell your margin only after adding it. (You should keep in mind that your total price should not be more than the MRP of the given product) Next, we will know how to order a customer.

What customer information is required to place an order on the Meesho Reselling App?

  1. To order any product on Meesho, it is necessary to have the following information –
  2. House No./Building Name
  3. Road / Colony / Area name
  4. Pincode
  5. City and state
  6. Nearby Famous Places/schools/shops etc. (Optional)
  7. Name and Contact number

Note- You have to take all this information from the customer and then order after that.

How to set your margin?

meesho reselling app


After entering the address, click on Deliver to this Address. Next, you will have the option of payment.
Here you will get many options to make payments. You tell the customer that there is a facility for payment through Cash on Delivery. You will choose the same option. Will go down, now you have to put your margin here. Below you will see this option- Reselling the order? You will click on the “Yes” option given in front of it. A new option will open in front of you by the name of Final Price. Here you will have given the actual price of that product, in the rest, by adding your margin, you will put less or the same amount as its MRP, for how much you want to sell it. It will be written below how much total margin you will get. After that, you will click on the submit button. Your order will be confirmed as soon as you click on the submit button and you will get an Order ID, as well as you will also see the day of delivery, which you can tell the customer about. Now you don’t have to do anything. You can see where all your orders have reached by going to “My Orders” in the option given below.

How to get your margin in your account?

Your product job will be delivered to your customer and within 10-15 days your margin will be credited to your account. For this, you have to go to the Meesho Reselling App and by clicking on the Account option, you can give your bank or UPI information by clicking on the “My Bank & UPI Details” shown in the list. As soon as you submit the information, 1 rupee will be sent to your account from Meesho to confirm the account. After the Bank Account is set, as soon as the product is delivered, after 10-15 days money will come into your account. Now the more you order, the more money you will earn.

Advantages of Meesho Reselling App-

Meesho Reselling App has many advantages. Some of its advantages are given below as follows-

  • The biggest advantage is that whoever orders from this, your customer will get the goods, he will not know from where you have bought them. There will be no logo of Meesho on any product or anywhere.
  •  All types of payment options have been given in this.
  • You can also pay through Cash on delivery.
  • If your customer gets a damaged or broken item, then you can also return or exchange it.
  • The biggest thing is that you can easily do all this work sitting at home.

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